Biochemistry and face analysis according to Dr. med. Schuessler

Dr. Wilhelm Heinrich Schüßler (1821-1898) studied medicine and worked as a homeopath. He was the first to develop the thesis that illness is a deficit of minerals and that the optimal supply of minerals enables the body to compensate for or remedy malfunctions. He discovered 12 mineral compounds which are indispensable for the organism; they are given in potentiated form and can thus be optimally absorbed and utilized by the body. By our today’s analysis methods still further 15 mineral material connections could be found, the extension means. The determination of a lack of operating materials can be determined by a detailed questioning and a face analysis. A face-analytical drawing does not indicate a disease! Due to the strongly changing environment in the last 200 years, the consumption of mineral materials increased drastically: Industrially produced food, depleted soils, pollution of the environment, electro smog, stress, so that partly other healing methods, such as stress reduction, change of diet or the like are additionally meaningful.