Singing without fear

Singen ohne Angst ZertifikatCertificate of my further education at Fawn Arnold “Singing without fear”. There were a total of 50 teaching units, as well as a written and a practical examination..

“Katharina Koch-Schulte participated from 07.09.2018 to 31.08.2019 in the Singen ohne Angst ambassador school and passed the final examination with grade 1.

I hereby confirm that Katharina Koch-Schulte is a certified Singing Without Fear Ambassador, and that she is a certified singing singer according to the Fawn Arnold ® method

  • Breathing technique,
  • Chest voice,
  • Head voice,
  • Middle voice,
  • Belt vocal technique,
  • registerless singing,
  • Vowel modification,
  • technical and emotional song structuring

as a so-called “Singing without Fear Ambassador”.

Stuttgart, August 2019
Fawn Arnold, Lehrerin”

The vocal coaching according to the method of Fawn Arnold is part of my therapy and coaching offer for musicians..