Quantum entrainment after Frank Kinslow

(quantum harmonization, quantum healing) is a fast and effective, scientifically proven method that relieves pain and promotes healing.

Dr. Frank Kinslow (chiropractor and lecturer at Everglades University in Sarasota, Florida) has developed a method that instantly puts the vegetative nervous system into a state of relaxation, thus enabling healing on a physical and emotional level. Quantum entrainment works on the basis of “pure consciousness” and is the result of a combination of alternative healing methods and Eastern forms of meditation. The “pure consciousness” is not a vibration, but the source of all vibration, it is the potential order and energy behind every form. The method works long after the actual session, is balancing and gently dissolves blockages that affect the physical and emotional well-being. It promotes healing awareness in both the practitioner and the patient and is usually accompanied by a sense of peace and relaxation.