Reflex zone therapy of the feet after Hanne Marquardt

The therapy form of the foot reflex zone therapy is approx. 4000 years old and has its origin in the folk medicine of the American Indians and the old China. The empirically proven effectiveness is now also proven by scientific studies (Uni Jena/ Uni Innsbruck).

The RZF according to Hanne Marquardt is an order and regulation therapy that supports the self-healing powers of the whole person and brings the energies disturbed by illness back to flow, the body is thereby “retuned”.
At the foot the whole human being, with all internal organs and structures of the movement system, is represented in reduced reflex zones. Through certain massage grips on these reflex zones, all organs, systems and also the psyche can be reached, pain can be alleviated, organs can be stimulated or calmed, blood circulation is stimulated.
The pain, which is triggered in some places, is understood as a signpost, which indicates where the body needs support.
The fact that the whole person is treated on the foot results in many indications for RZF.
Patients with acute and chronic inflammations of the veins or the lymphatic system and with highly febrile diseases are not suitable for RZF.

RZF as a wellness or preventive treatment is only performed on healthy people. The course and intensity of the treatment varies from RZF as a therapy method.