Vocal Coaching

In August 2019 I completed my training as a vocal coach according to the method of Fawn Arnold as a “singing without fear” ambassador. (Certificate from August 2018)

After one year of training, one theoretical and one practical examination, I have now acquired permission to teach singing in pop rock according to her method. It is a gentle method that involves not only the training of the voice, but the whole human being. Mental techniques and whole-body exercises are also used.

Lack of understanding and thoughtless statements from others often leave traces and make one afraid of singing. Singing without fear”-lessons should be a protected area “where knowledge gives courage” (Fawn Arnold). The students should get to know and understand their voice and appreciate the uniqueness of their individual sound. On this basis the voice can be built up, developed and trained healthy.

I am pleased that I can offer now this method as one of the first five, after Fawn Arnolds technology trained, Vocal Coaches in Germany and also into the offer of the musician health merge can.